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It always happened to humans that they feel low and lose their self confidence and left with no motivation. Same happened to me, motivation level was at 90% but a single thing is enough to let me down on my knees and through me back at the point where I started that thing.
Pain, grief & no self confidence is enough to break a hard rock, but I am just a man with emotions, feelings and self esteem. Anybody could be in this situation and you cannot be sure that you will not be in this type of situation. Things happened and we move on, some kept their self low but some took a bold step again and started to walk again on the path they choose.
Look around, failure doesn’t exist in the universe. It is being generated by your own mind that you are a failure, if you keep listening to that you eventually be unsuccessful. If Thomas Edison can make 1000 tries to make an electric bulb what excuse you have not to start again. If you got fail in an exams and feel low think about it that you still got your chance to clear it. Try again, this time whole heartedly and with more passion and you will see that you’ve succeeded.
Motivation is not something which others can give you, it works on 80-20 rule. 80% comes from the inside and 20% comes from the outer sources. If you are dead from inside no matter how many things you do to boost your motivational level you will not be able to turn it on unless you lit it at your own.
If you beleive in something, stay focused and keep struggling for it. But if you quit it at any moment in your life there will be a time when you curse yourself for not making it possible to happen. Look around you, nature, universe, world, sun and moon they all are connected. One cannot simply do all the things, but everyone is doing what his job is to do.
It’s upto you to decide what you really wanted to have in your life and how long you shall be able to keep it. But don’t expect from this world to be easy on you, because they are here to let you down, they are here to demotivates you. It’s you who need to have a complete trust on yourself and to Almighty to accomplish what you wish and desire.

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