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Pakistan Elections 2013: What changes it can bring?


Elections in Pakistan was held on 11th May, 2013. Number of parties took part in it, to be the part of democracy and for the betterment of Pakistan. Although, officially Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) did not announce the results, but it is quite visible now that Pakistan Muslim Leage Nawaz (PMLN) have the lead in current elections.
Despite all the efforts that has been made by media and political parties, voters turn out was almost 60%, which shows a healthy sign towards democracy. These elections where bring people out to cast their vote for Pakistan also bring some problems particularly in Sindh where ragging was done massively and very openly, social media is showing videos and pictures of ragging in different part of Sindh. People in Sindh, particularly in Karachi are now on streets against this massive ragging and demanding that elections to be held again, that would be a miracle if elections been arranged again for people of Sindh.
Though once official result will announce by ECP, PMLN will form a government and they shall be ready for the challalenges. New government where have to fulfil all of their promises which they made to People of Pakistan, they have to face new challenges, particularly Drones Attack, Bombs & Blastings in different part of Pakistan and foremost issue of Pakistan LOADSHEDING.
Anchors and analysts are hopefull that PMLN will drive out Pakistan from this darkness, and so shall we have to put faith on this new government.
Let just be realistic about everything and let the new government to handle out things. If they failed to handle out things the way people are hoping they shall pay for the things in next elections.

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Blast and bombing in Pakistan

Heard a moment ago about two blasts in Karachi, Pakistan. Condemn the killing of inocents in Pakistan on war againsy terrorism. A war which was never be on our part impose on to us by different countries to fulfilling their agenda to conquer and rule on this region which is so much rich in minerals and all other things.
Karachi, once the city was called city of lights but now it’s not a city of lights anymore. A city which is being ruled by powerful gangs, they do what they wanted. Street crimes, bomb blastings and target killings and strikes by force is a routine and ends up the beauty of the city. I should say the city of lights now turned into a city of darkness.
So called talibaan, made by the Americans to push back Russia in 80s from Afghanistan, are now become a cancer for Pakistan. Blast, suicide attacks and mass killing in streets of Pakistan particularly in Karachi, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhton Kwa is routine now. Number of innocent people die daily.
War on terrorism is a cover story only, number of big countries and cities have their interests hidden here in Pakistan. America, Dubai, Iran and India are afraid of the development going on in Balochistan province and that made them so afraid that they send their agents and finance locals for bombing and killing people in the region to stop on going development.

I condemned killing of innocents in Pakistan by drone attacks, bomb blastings, suicide attacks and target killing. May he the All Mighty give us strength to face and eliminate those who are doing this to the innocent people.

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