Blast and bombing in Pakistan

Heard a moment ago about two blasts in Karachi, Pakistan. Condemn the killing of inocents in Pakistan on war againsy terrorism. A war which was never be on our part impose on to us by different countries to fulfilling their agenda to conquer and rule on this region which is so much rich in minerals and all other things.
Karachi, once the city was called city of lights but now it’s not a city of lights anymore. A city which is being ruled by powerful gangs, they do what they wanted. Street crimes, bomb blastings and target killings and strikes by force is a routine and ends up the beauty of the city. I should say the city of lights now turned into a city of darkness.
So called talibaan, made by the Americans to push back Russia in 80s from Afghanistan, are now become a cancer for Pakistan. Blast, suicide attacks and mass killing in streets of Pakistan particularly in Karachi, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhton Kwa is routine now. Number of innocent people die daily.
War on terrorism is a cover story only, number of big countries and cities have their interests hidden here in Pakistan. America, Dubai, Iran and India are afraid of the development going on in Balochistan province and that made them so afraid that they send their agents and finance locals for bombing and killing people in the region to stop on going development.

I condemned killing of innocents in Pakistan by drone attacks, bomb blastings, suicide attacks and target killing. May he the All Mighty give us strength to face and eliminate those who are doing this to the innocent people.

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Two wolves (Good & Evil within a single body)

Mom told this to me one weekend as a bedtime story when I was young. We discussed it through-out the following day. I share…

“There is a battle that goes on inside us all, the people; which is between two wolves … named: Evil and Good.

The Evil is: anger, envy,  jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity,  guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride,  superiority, and ego.

while the Good is: It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility,  kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth,  compassion and faith.”

I kept thinking about  it for a minute and then asked: “Which wolf wins?”

Maa replied, ” The one you feed!”

Still wondering and thinking, whom to feed and whom not. Some time, greed comes up and take over the good side, evil side forcing to fulfill the greed at any cost. We all are feeding our evil by making wrong choice, today we are in a world which is more materialistic and to stay up in the community we do all the wrong deeds to satisfy our wrong deeds.

We know when we are feeding our evil, we cannot be in a place to do good to attain peace in our life and spend it peacefully. Status consciousness drives us crazy and we are happy to do things without knowing the fact that either they are good or bad.

Satisfaction and peace can come to us only, when we are satisfy and peaceful from inside and that comes only to us when we are feeding only the good. How come we feed the good wolf? Answer to that question is simple and we all are aware with that.

It’s now up to a person to decide what they really wanted to do with their life and to which wolf they are eager to feed in the end. You can make your life good and bad, that’s in your hand and no one in this whole world can be held responsible for your life which is been chosen by you.


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Everything in this universe is unique, so do every human. You cannot force someone to change them just because you like some other person and wanted your closed ones to be like them. By doing this you kill their uniqueness, you made them a puppet who walk and talk and do things on your behalf.
Things around you, and even in nature uniqueness exist. When you try to change someone or yourself and compare others or yourself with other persons, you disgrace humanity. Every individual have his/her own individuality and you cannot force them to change it because you don’t like it. Uniqueness have it’s own beauty, and you can see it only if you started to look at it with positive attitude. Don’t try to change yourself just because someone don’t like it or you don’t like it. Because HE, THE ONE, created you like this.

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