Does failure exist in this world?

Failure, simply means that a person or a thing is unsuccessful or you can say non-performance of something which is required or expected. Well, in psychology, it is a state of mind in which person believes that he is a failure. Failure in humans is nothing more than the mere product of their own mind, which allows them to believe that they are failure. It doesn’t mean that one has to be good in all the things then they claim that they are not a failure.

Thomas Alva Edison a one big name in the science; was dropped from school because of his hearing problem and never went to school again and he often recalled that when he dropped from school; My mother was the making of me, she was so true and so sure of me that I had felt that I had something to live for. His words define that he never quit, he decided to do something so that he can live for something. when he invented electrical bulb and presented it to the public, someone shout Edison you fail 1000 times to make this one and we all use his memorable words today as a quote that; “I’ve not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Why throughout history we have number of people who did remarkable things in their life and they achieve what they really wanted to achieve. That’s because of one thing, they never quit, they never let their mind to generate negative thoughts that they are failed and they never listen to the people around them, that’s how they achieve what they want in their life.

Look around you what you see is a world to whom you can never make happy of yourself. What this world knows that it will push you back to the place where you raise from and if they cannot do so they started to pull you towards them. This world can never be happy, no matter what you do. So, how can you be a successful person? How you can beat failure?

If you do something and you failed it in a first try you can find yourself in a place where on one side you find some people who want you to try again, they were the one pushing you to do it, yes do it because they knew that you can do it. But on the other side, you find bunch of people who de-motivate you they started to call you a failure and said so many things to you that while sitting all alone their words through your unconscious mind started to hit your brain. That’s the time when failure can be born, your negative energy from those words push you to admit that you are a failure. If you stop their and admit that you are a failure, you can never be able to get out of that state and through out your whole life you kept thinking that you are a failure.

If you just give it a little push and forget about that negative energy which is generated by the people who call you failure, you can find yourself in peace, surrounded with positive energy and you can started to do that thing once again. You are one ordinary human being like all other humans living on this planet. We all share same size of brain, we all think both ways negative and positive, so it’s not the difference of brain. Difference starts how we use our brains and how good we are to make our self motivate enough to let go negative emotions and bring positive emotions in our life.

Never give up, that’s the only key you have for your success.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas A. Edison


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It always happened to humans that they feel low and lose their self confidence and left with no motivation. Same happened to me, motivation level was at 90% but a single thing is enough to let me down on my knees and through me back at the point where I started that thing.
Pain, grief & no self confidence is enough to break a hard rock, but I am just a man with emotions, feelings and self esteem. Anybody could be in this situation and you cannot be sure that you will not be in this type of situation. Things happened and we move on, some kept their self low but some took a bold step again and started to walk again on the path they choose.
Look around, failure doesn’t exist in the universe. It is being generated by your own mind that you are a failure, if you keep listening to that you eventually be unsuccessful. If Thomas Edison can make 1000 tries to make an electric bulb what excuse you have not to start again. If you got fail in an exams and feel low think about it that you still got your chance to clear it. Try again, this time whole heartedly and with more passion and you will see that you’ve succeeded.
Motivation is not something which others can give you, it works on 80-20 rule. 80% comes from the inside and 20% comes from the outer sources. If you are dead from inside no matter how many things you do to boost your motivational level you will not be able to turn it on unless you lit it at your own.
If you beleive in something, stay focused and keep struggling for it. But if you quit it at any moment in your life there will be a time when you curse yourself for not making it possible to happen. Look around you, nature, universe, world, sun and moon they all are connected. One cannot simply do all the things, but everyone is doing what his job is to do.
It’s upto you to decide what you really wanted to have in your life and how long you shall be able to keep it. But don’t expect from this world to be easy on you, because they are here to let you down, they are here to demotivates you. It’s you who need to have a complete trust on yourself and to Almighty to accomplish what you wish and desire.

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محبت، ایک ایسا جذبہ کہ جسکی بنیاد ریشم کے دھاگے سے بھی کمزور ھے. محبت کا دعوٰی کرنا اور محبت کرنا دو الگ الگ باتیں ھیں. ریشم کے اس دھاگے کو اعتماد کا رشتہ ھی باندھے رکھتا ھے،اور یہی اس کا حسن بھی ھے.
پیار،محبت اور عشق سننے میں تو ایک جیسے ھی لگتے ہیں ذرا سا فرق ان کو جدا کر دیتا ھے. پیار اک وقت میں ایک سے زیاد٥ سے ھو جاتا ھے. یہ بلکل ایسے ھے جیسے ماں اپنے سب بچوں سے اک جتنی چاھتکا اظھار ایک وقت میں کرتی ھے،یہ بلکل ناممکن ھے کہ اک ماں سے کھا جائے کہ و٥ اپنے تمام بچوں میں سے کسے زیاد٥ چاھتی ھے، اس بات کا جواب کسی ماں کے پاس نھی ھے.
دوسری طرف محبت جو آج کے دور میں کم کیا نظر ھی نھی آتی،اک بلکل الگ جذبات اور احساسات کی حامل ھے. مھبت بٹوارا نھی چاھتی. اس مرض کے حامل لوگوں میں سسی،پنوں،ھیر،رانجھا جیسے لوگ ملتے ھیں. محبت اک شخص سے ھوتی ھے اور اسی پر ختم ھو جاتی ھے.
محبت کی نھی جاتی، ھو جاتی ھے اور اس کا پاس کرنے والا لازم نھی کے اسے پا بھی لے. کیونکہ محبت کا دوسرا نام ھی قربانی ھے.

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Poetry (Very first one step in writing)

Well, that below stanza is my first try a long time ago, didn’t know whether it is right or wrong. It’s in my native language Urdu, who didn’t understand can ask me to translate it. It will require a bit of time to translate it so be patient guys


Woh haar raat merey khawaboun main ata hey, chala jata hey

Tarpa key mujh ko, bhouley hovey lamhey yaad dila jata hey

Gham jis sey bhagta houn dour, woh sarey rah mujhey dikhlata hey

Zakhm bharey nai key woh ajata hey, tarpa key mujh ko phir lot jata hey



I hope you may like it a bit, waiting for your comments.

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Loyalty (Wafa)

I’m a newbie to the world of story writing, preferred to write stories in my own native language; Urdu. I’m writing below story in Urdu, but just to give you all a glimpse of what it is, I write it down in English. It’s just a part of a story not the complete story. I’ll be very happy if you could give your comments on it whether good or bad are acceptable. And finally, if you have any suggestions for me to improve my capabilities, then please let me know.


“Hi Myra” Ali places his phone aside after sending a text to the girl whom he loves. Wandering into thoughts, waiting for the reply and started to think that why he fall in love. The pain is unbearable; emotions are high and all he wanted now to be with Myra. Message tone beeps once and goes silent; Ali took his phone outrageously to see Myra reply.

“Hi” she replied to Ali message, her mood is totally off due to a bad day. “How are you? I have called you since afternoon and even drop some messages too, but you did not reply. Were you busy or there is some problem? You know I got worried about you!” Ali replied without thinking that she might have a bad day, but he shows his concern about her through the message.

“Yeah, I was not busy. Was at university and that teacher you know, she spoils my mood and that is why I did not talk to anybody. I made a huge effort to complete my thesis and she didn’t try to see what’s inside, and she said to me make a better one.” She spent a whole day in a rage and did not share why her mood is totally off. “Hmm, hold on. I will call you in a minute! OK. Then we will sort out the issue.” Ali was in a rush and worried that her love is mad, angry, and sad and that she spent her whole day in a bad mood. Ali went to the roof to talk to Myra. Phones ringing, Myra picked up the phone. “Hello” in a very low voice, her heart broken over what happened to her in university, “Don’t tell me to be cool and calm. It’s totally biased decision she took today, you don’t know what she did to me today.” Before Ali reply to her, she burst out like a strong volcano. Shocked, half mouth open, he never sees her like that before.

The story goes on, keep your finger crossed and see what could be the end.


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Pakistan Elections 2013: What changes it can bring?


Elections in Pakistan was held on 11th May, 2013. Number of parties took part in it, to be the part of democracy and for the betterment of Pakistan. Although, officially Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) did not announce the results, but it is quite visible now that Pakistan Muslim Leage Nawaz (PMLN) have the lead in current elections.
Despite all the efforts that has been made by media and political parties, voters turn out was almost 60%, which shows a healthy sign towards democracy. These elections where bring people out to cast their vote for Pakistan also bring some problems particularly in Sindh where ragging was done massively and very openly, social media is showing videos and pictures of ragging in different part of Sindh. People in Sindh, particularly in Karachi are now on streets against this massive ragging and demanding that elections to be held again, that would be a miracle if elections been arranged again for people of Sindh.
Though once official result will announce by ECP, PMLN will form a government and they shall be ready for the challalenges. New government where have to fulfil all of their promises which they made to People of Pakistan, they have to face new challenges, particularly Drones Attack, Bombs & Blastings in different part of Pakistan and foremost issue of Pakistan LOADSHEDING.
Anchors and analysts are hopefull that PMLN will drive out Pakistan from this darkness, and so shall we have to put faith on this new government.
Let just be realistic about everything and let the new government to handle out things. If they failed to handle out things the way people are hoping they shall pay for the things in next elections.

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General Elections in Pakistan; History and What’s coming in near future.


Islamic Republic of Pakistan Flag

Now a days my fellow men are in a swear fight upon politics, Pakistan is now going to have its ninth general elections in the coming month. Despite the fact that all major parties fully trying their best to take a lead to convince their voters and to be elected in General Election 2013.


Before discussing the current scenario, we should look on the previous results to strengthen the knowledge of current parties. First general elections in history of Pakistan since its independence was held in 1970, at that time Pakistan was divided into two parts (East Pakistan & West Pakistan). Awami Leage leader Mr. Shaikh Mujib ur Rehman won the election by winning 160 seats. However, power was never transfer to Awami League Party by President General Yahya Khan, which triggers a massive uprising in East Pakistan. More fire brings to that uprising by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and liberal democratic socialist. The end of that uprising divide Pakistan and West Pakistan become independent as Bangladesh. For the very first time since the birth of Pakistan, Constitution been finalized and Pakistan took a major step to become a Nuclear Power.


Second General Elections were took place in 1977 in which Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto party PPP was in lead whereas Awami National Part with its leader Mr. Khan Abdul Wali Khan and there Alliance, National Alliance, was on second place. Election was resulted in out-spoken violence, civil disobedience, and massive protest that were led by Awami National Party and their Alliances. While negotiations were going on between Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Opposition parties, Pakistan Armed Forces were invited to take part in it, which led the dismissal of ruling prime minister and its government in 1977. Gen. Zia ul Haq take charge of the country and decided to contest an election to form a local governing body, though elections were held in 1985 but were the non-partisan election, and bring technocrat government into form which led by the military appointed Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo.


Third General Elections were held in 1988, which turns out very peacefully with a turnout of 43.5%. Miss Benazir Bhutto led its father party PPP and on the other side Mr. Nawaz Sharif leading the alliance of parties under name Islāmic Democratic Alliance. Liberal party MQM (Muhajir Qoumi Movement), at that time, boycotts the elections. Election results announce by the ECP and declared PPP as a winner with 94 seats out of 207. In the light of the results, acting president Mr. Ghulam Ishaq Khan invited PPP to form a new government. PPP made alliance with independent leaders and small parties and made government. Benazir Bhutto was elected as a first female Prime Minister of Islāmic Republic of Pakistan on 4 Dec 1988.


After almost 2 years, PPP government was charged with corruption, failure of government and other matters, which led it to eventually downfall their government. Fourth general elections were conduct on 24 Oct 1990 in which surprisingly Islāmic Democratic Alliance won and form their government. Nawaz Sharif was elected as a Prime Minister of Pakistan. IDA won 106 seats out of 207 in 1990 elections.


Pakistan witnesses its fifth general elections on 6 October 1993. Election took place due to a power struggle between ruling Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Ghulam Ishaq Khan. Benazir Bhutto become the Prime Minister for the second time after winning support of minor parties, although Pakistan Muslim League (N) won 73 seats out of 207 but due to support of Minor Parties, PPP won to form its government. Turnout of election for the same period was 40.3%, to held fair elections Pakistan Army deployed 150,000 armed troops during elections.


After almost three years, President at that time Farooq Khan Leghari dissolved the National Assembly for alleged corruption and abuse of power on 5 November 1996. Sixth General Elections were held on 3 February 1997. Nawaz Sharif was benefit and aided by the assassination of Murtaza Bhutto that turned out to be a great victory for PML (N). Since 1977 Elections PML (N) won by the largest margin and won 155 seats out of 207, PPP was behind with 18 seats.


Seventh General Elections were held on 10 October 2002 in Pakistan. Previously, General Pervez Musharraf dissolves the assembly on ongoing dispute with Nawaz Sharif on Kargil War in 1999. Once the assembly was dissolve, Supreme Court made General Pervez Musharraf supreme leader of Islāmic Republic of Pakistan. For the first time in Pakistan Elections were held between multi-parties instead of two parties. PML (N) was dissolved into number of parties, PML (Q) become one big party of the country. Around 70 parties take part into these elections and Pakistan came back on democratic track. With 126 seats PML (Q) become the winner in General Elections of 2002, Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian was on second number with 81 seats. Turnout for the general elections were 41.80%. Mir Zafar ullah Khan Jamli become the Prime Minister of Pakistan and made government.


General Elections of 2008, eighth elections of Islāmic Republic of Pakistan were being delay due to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Election conducted on 18 February 2008 in which PML (N), PPP, PML (Q), MQM (Now Muttahida Qaumi Movement) and MMA (Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal) participate in the elections whereas, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf) and JI (Jaamat-e-Islami) boycott the elections. This time parties started out their campaign for 337 National Assembly Seats instead of 207, which includes 169 seats of Minorities. Voter turnout was 35,170,435 people (44%), anti-Musharraf Party PPP won the elections with 124 seats leaving behind PML (N) with 91 seats, and Musharraf-Pro party PML (Q) takes the third spot with 54 seats. Pervez Musharraf acknowledge that elections were held in free and fair environment and pledge to work with new government.


Now, as Pakistan is about to witness its ninth General Elections on 11 May 2013, people are more interested to decide the fate of Pakistan with the help of democracy. This time, PPP, PML (N), PML (Q), JUI, JI, PTI, ANP and MQM are participating and ready to contest in the elections. Every party is in the favour to conduct Elections on time.


Recent years, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) become one famous party with a slogan Naya Pakistan (New Pakistan), since its formation in early 1996 party gain its popularity under the former Pakistan Cricket Team Captian Imran Khan and made him one of the famous leader. On the other PML (N) is very active out of the other parties. Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are in full run to gain maximum voters.


For the very first time in the history, Islāmic Republic of Pakistan made a mark by making it possible for any democratic government to complete its five-year tenure. Previously the maximum time for any democratic government was almost 3 years. This 5 years tenure give vein and pain to the nation only, corruption was on top and that led Pakistan to be declared the second most corrupted country of the world. Government in previous 5 years did nothing to stop drone attacks on KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) in the name of war against terrorism, massive bomb blasting’s in KPK, Sindh and Balochistan and target killings in those areas puts bad effects not only on the people of Pakistan but also affect the economy. Majority of the business in Karachi shifted to Punjab or outside Pakistan, which brings up a lot more unemployment. All the said issues deprived the nation and put them on the edge of a nervous breakdown, yet still people have hope that these elections may bring a huge change in the country and thus change the fate of country.

Now almost 10 days remaining, campaigns are on their peak, and parties are trying hard to convince their voters to vote for them. On the other hands, terrorists are on the go to postpone the elections by blasting bombs and attacking politicians in different region of the country. Let see what change these elections can bring to us and who could be the supreme ruler of the country for the next five-years. At the end it’s a pray to All Mighty, that He may do good for Pakistan and made those the ruler who did good for the sovereignty, development and betterment.


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